Popular Smartphones Available Today

There are many smartphones produced these days. One of the first smartphones were fat and had low battery life. Using those smartphones was a chore. They were expensive devices and sales weren’t great. Overtime these devices became thinner and faster. After Apple introduced the first iPhone, the real smartphones war began. Today the smartphone market is really saturated. There are so many smartphones available and any phone that’s a year old is considered old. High end smartphones are churned out by many manufacturers throughout the year. Out of all these smartphones some have made a name for themselves. These smartphones are basically flagship devices that have many features. Here’s a list of popular smartphones available today.

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 is the 9th generation of iPhone. The first iPhone was a revolutionary device that introduced smartphones that were slick with many features to the masses. The device broke sales records and every iPhone afterwards continued breaking many records. The iPhone 7 uses an update and speedy processor while having the battery in a slim frame. Further the device comes in 4.7 inch screen and 12 megapixel camera. It is one of the best-selling sim card released this year.

The 7 plus on the other hand is a bigger device than the iPhone 7 and comes in 5.5 inch screen and dual camera set up that can capture clear images even when zoomed. The 7 plus is also comes in Full HD resolution, which is highest resolution an iPhone has ever come in.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest in Samsung’s long running Galaxy series of smartphone. The release of the first Galaxy smartphone brought serious competition to Apple iPhones. Since then Samsung has come a long way. The latest Galaxy S8 has plethora of features and is the fastest Galaxy smartphone device available. Compared to most other smartphones the screen covers the whole of the front and curves around the edges. This feature has made the phone very popular.

The S8+ is a larger version of the S8+. Compared to the previous year models, the S8 and S8+ have very minor difference and the big difference being the bigger screen and bigger battery on the device. Both devices uses prepaid sim card in Hong Kong.


The LG G6 follows the successful G series of smartphones released by LG. The device comes in a 5.7 inch IPS LCD screen and dual 13 megapixel camera. Similar to the Galaxy series the LG G6 is water proof and dust proof. It also comes in a 18:9 ratio which is unusual for smartphones. Compared to previous generations sales have been a bit on the slow side.

How To Choose A Protector For Your Devise?

Today we live in a world, full of high tech smart phones, tablets and iPads. There are many accessories also available in the market to modify these electronic devises, among them screen protectors and covers play a major role. Most of the smartphones and other electronic devices are very expensive to purchase hence, we take great care to protect these devises by investing heaps on screen guards and protectors. Here are some points to consider before buying your next IPhone protector.The Durability It is always better to consider durability over a fancy phone cover. Especially if you have children at your home, it’s a good idea to invest on a hardy cover so that you can prevent on that very expensive iphone 6 plus repair cost while your child accidently drops the phone on the floor. As to your preference you can choose a cover which has dual protection on front and back sides that will give you extra protection. Apple iPhone screen repair is also another very costly affair if any damages take place. Therefore, its best to we buy a good screen protector which is scratch proof and water resistant that will prevent any damages to the screen.Not to change the original design Most of us go for the iPhone attracted by its sleek design and the trendy appearance it gives. However most of the protecting covers and screen guards will take away its original look and sometimes you might even forget the original color of your phone. So it is absurd to spend money on a design and then hide it from its original form. A galaxy screen repair and a transparent case or a cover can be a solution to this. There are many durable glass protectors available in the market that fits latest iPhone designs.The Price Price is also another factor to consider when buying accessories. Trends keep changing every day and there are a wide variety of options available in the market. Most of the protectors does the same job when it comes to safety. However, pricing can change between its make, materials used and at times price can vary by adding a fancy design as well. Sometimes depending on the shop that you wish to buy may also have a difference in the price. If you are ordering an original cover from an iPhone store it can be quite pricy over a phone cover from a phone accessory shop around the corner. It is also important to keep in mind not to compromise quality over price as cheap ones might not be so durable and reliable always, when it comes to protecting your phone.